Monday, December 12, 2005

The downside of free speech

The Provo Daily Herald has an online version of their daily newspaper posted at They have a feature (which is fairly common for online newspapers) that allows readers to comment on the article. Occasionally, when I want a good chuckle, I peruse the reader comments and it seldom disappoints. The PDH comments provide an outlet for the lunatic fringe for Utah County to vent. And by lunatic fringe, I mean both ends of the spectrum. For example, there was an article recently on the topic of immunization. This is one of the comments (I promise I am not making this up):

"A Pertussis Epidemic is choking up Utah County"

Why is that, Because of all the lossers with no health insurance in Utah.

They should make all the retarded mormons stop pay all there money to the Mormon church and put it on health insurance.

If someone can't pay for Insurance and they get sic, no one should help them because they are loosers.

Amazing, eh? You just can't make stuff up. Here is a Christ-like response from one of our fellow offended Later-Day Saints:

Now this profound. How many drinks/snorts did it take you to figure this out? Now is it lossers or loosers, pothead? Were you born this way or did your mommy drop you in the toilet?

Ah, yes. the sweet sound of thoughtful dialogue.

Click here for the complete, inpiring discussion.


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