Sunday, April 16, 2006

Lance & the Resurrection

Today was Easter and the main topic at church was the death and resurrection of Christ. It reminded me of a great story. When our second son, Lance, was about three years old we were having a family home evening lesson on the resurrection. Carolyn was explaing to Justin and Lance what it meant to be resurrected. She was explaining that everything would be restored to its perfect form. If you were blind in this life, your sight would be resored. If you had a disease, it would be cured. If you were crippled, you would be able to walk, etc. After hearing this, Lance looked up and in all seriousness said "Mom, does that mean when you are resurrected you will be a boy?"


Each time the topic of the resurrection comes up, I think of this and start to chuckle. I am sure people are always wondering what's so funny.


At 7:18 AM, Blogger R. Jeffrey Davis said...

what a great story.


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